The Comic Book Demon


Annabelle Franklin’s life really hasn’t turned out quite the way she thought it would. First, her world was completely shattered with the loss of her mother. Second, Annabelle found her only choice to make ends meet was to work for her grease ball cousin at his comic book store. The book store wasn’t all bad as she adores all things comic books! Though it wasn’t a college degree.

Annabelle was simply trying to keep her head above water when her life took yet another turn. A mysterious man, Mac, shows up and informs her she’s not entirely human. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, she’s the only heir to the throne in the demon realm, whatever that means.

To save her own skin, and an entire race of people, Annabelle must put all of her trust into a being she’s never seen before, all while keeping her libido in check. Annabelle has choices to make and monsters to avoid. Can she save everything without sacrificing herself, or will she go down in flames?

This short story is intended for 18+ audiences.

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Released February 2016

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