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Kayel Cleary is a phone sex operator. All she wants to do is get through law school, and if that means late-night phone calls with men who think she’s something she’s not, then so be it.
That is, until one of her long-time clients is murdered – and she hears it all.
Lathan only wants one thing: a seat on the vampire council. He’s worked his entire unnatural life for this moment, only to have it fall apart when his biggest supporter ends up dead. Now, Lathan has to find and work with the only witness. And she happens to be a phone sex operator.
Thrust into a world she never knew existed, Kayel must help Lathan find the murderer and stop the impending war, all while fighting her attraction for the undead man she loves to hate. If she can’t learn their ways and figure out who killed Marco, then she may lose more than just her life … She may spark a war that would spell disaster for vampires and humans alike.


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Welcome to stop number 20!

Just like my age… yeah I wish! Without further ado here it is:

Welcome to the pages-of-fear-blog-hop-01-768x644first ever Pages of Fear blog hop. It’s a pre-Halloween event celebrating authors who like to fright and delight with their writing. As you progress through the twenty-eight blogs/websites you’ll learn about authors you may already know and be introduced to some new ones.

Everyone loves the opportunity to get something free. All of the authors have gathered together to give ONE lucky winner signed copies of their books (one per author). You may even find other types of giveaways on their sites so, keep your eyes open. While you’re looking you want to locate the secret word on each site. Make a list of the words in the proper order. When you reach the final destination (, you’ll find an email address. Send your list to it. The winner will be selected courtesy of

Ready? Get on your marks.
Get set.


To continue the hop, please go to Kallie Wallace

Need a reminder on the story?

Here it is:

Once there was a very special _______ doll. She had been well-______ for ________. Kept on a _______ when there weren’t any young girls to play with her. And brought out and cherished when young ________ were in the __________.

Eventually, the toy was forgotten and relegated to a _______ in the attic. The house was eventually ________ and all of its belongings were either sold, given away, or ________ into a ________ at the curb.

But the doll… she __________.

Shortly before the ________ collectors arrived, a young couple comes upon the _________. Immediately, the doll’s _______ face and _________ clothes catches the woman’s _________.

“Rebecca, you can’t be serious. That’s a piece of ________,” the man points out.

She reaches into the jumbled ______ and pulls the ______ out. “This is an _______. I can _______ she’ll go for top dollar. She just needs a little love and care.”

The young ______ just shakes his head and continues walking down the _________. His wife was good for finding trash and turning it into a ___________.

Rebecca took the hem of her ________ and wiped some of the dirt off the doll’s face. “You have a _______ now.”

She _________ the _______ in the doll’s eye.

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Join me and 27 other authors for a paranormal 3-Day Blog Hop on October 19!

Meet writers of paranormal and horror fiction and enter for a chance to win a SIGNED PAPERBACK from all of us!


Start the hop with Lily Luchesi’s website:

Look for the Secret Word on the blog post for the hop. Each author has been given a word and it’s in BOLD on their site. Make note of each Secret Word. Each one fills in the blanks for a flash fiction story. You’ll turn in your entry to Author SF Benson. ONE winner will be chosen via and will receive SIGNED paperbacks from all participating authors. (Contest is restricted to winners in the U.S. and Canada.).

New Releases, Writing Projects, and Everything Else I Have Going On

Hey guys!

Long time no talk. I know!

So, I thought I’d give everyone an update.  I’ll start this going series by series!


The Lightning Trilogy:

Holy crap y’all it’s all done and out! Have you missed it? Here’s the link! Go get you some!


Will there be a spin off?

I have plans to do a Novella told from Troy’s perceptive. The novella would be about how he and Garrett met. Other then that no plans, yet.


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The Vampire Favors series:

I am currently about 25% done writing Fight or Flight. I know everyone wants a release date but I just don’t have one as of now. It will likely be the end of the year, if not sooner. However, you will see some characters that came up in Give and Take that I really wanted to bring back. Like Evi the witch! She’s back along with Rat and Twinkie.

One of the most asked questions is how long will this series be? The answer as of right now it’s looking like six books!


The Demon wars Saga:

Sigh, this mini series just keeps getting put off! I have every intention of doing something with it and I hope to pick it up soon.


Other projects:

I have a stand alone called Hotline to Hell that I hope will be out soon.

I will be featured in a book bundle early next year. It’s all fairytale retellings! How cool is that? It’s based on a Scottish tale called The Bear.

Also, there might be a few co-written books in the works!


Over all guys, I’m super busy writing as much as possible. I hope to get a lot more done before the end of the year and I’m so thankful for your support.


Please do me a favor and leave reviews and provide me with feedback. I enjoy hearing from you. 

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